Panty Creamer Of The Day: Matthew Terry In Calvin Klein’s Concept Underwear Commercial

February 4, 2013 / Posted by:

While shoving a pizza and nachos taco (a piece of pizza folded over a mound of nachos) into my eating hole during the Super Bowl yesterday, what I really needed to see was a chonies commercial starring a male model with -25% body fat and abs like a turtle shell. Nothing makes you feel good about the bloated gut hanging over your eatin’ pants like a dude who has been in a gym since birf!

Because most of watch the Super Bowl for the sea of bulges, Calvin Klein gave us man nipples and oiled up thighs in their commercial for their Concept Underwear line. More commercials like this, Super Bowl commercial makers! Because after I watch 6’7″, 300lb pound dudes stick their faces in each other’s butts, I really want to see a half-nekkid and greased up Matthew Terry flexing all ten million muscles in his body. More of this!

And it’s a good thing that pizza taco grease doubles as lube.


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