Merry Christmas, Here’s Justin Theroux’s Nipples (And Aniston’s Crotch)

December 25, 2012 / Posted by:

So much for the 489th rumor that Jennifer Aniston is knocked up with the final sign of the apocalypse, because here she is in Cabo with a flat stomach and I don’t see a fetus foot dangling out of her crotch. This Christmas, Jennifer Aniston is blinding people within a 40-mile radius of Cabo with the bright ass rays shooting off of her 89-carat diamond hitchin’ ring and she’s doing tequila shots out of Justin Theroux’s cum gutters. I’m just going to point out three quick things about these pictures:

1. While Jennifer Aniston puts some heat on her ice pick nipples, she lies in the birthing position, because you can never practice too much and you never know when the BABY OF YOUR DREAMS might pop out of there. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant happens in real life sometimes.

2. Is Justin Theroux serious with those jorts and newsboy cap? Justin is in Cabo, bitch isn’t at a summer barbecue on a rooftop on Avenue B. You know at least once during their trip, he’ll ask a waiter, “Tienes Pabst?”

3. SmartWater is SadWater today, because Jennifer Aniston is cheating on it with what looks like Fiji.

And as for Justin, fugly jorts and all, I still would.


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