Xenu Claus Has Brought Us Another Beautiful Christmas Gift

December 5, 2012 / Posted by:

“You might like it” isn’t only the line that John Travolta says after he raises his ass up in the air and rubs his Scientolohole against a massage therapist’s crotch. It’s also the name of his new Christmas song with Olivia Newton-John. The cover of John and ONJ’s holiday album is what you would see if you put a magnifying glass up to a unicorn’s fart bubble after it ate all of the Christmas candy, and the video for their first (and last) single is just as special.

In the video that costs less than the shoe polish John Travolta smears all over his head every morning, JT and ONJ two-step, hug and drive together in Ocala, FL. Everything about this gift from Baby Xenu is beautiful from the hairy skid mark on JT’s chin to ONJ’s face looking like an inside/out rubber cat mask to the chain wallet to the random hugging of policemen to ONJ driving on the sidewalk and waving at nobody.

Yes, this is what has become of Danny and Sandy and I might LOVE it!


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