Now THIS Is A Lady

November 24, 2012 / Posted by:

Here’s the modern goddess of class Paz de la Huerta displaying every ingredient needed to create a perfect portrait of refined grace. Half a dozen people in Miami now know what it was like watching Michelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. They watched the greatest living performance artist create her latest masterpiece in a public parking lot in Miami Beach, FL. While not letting go of her cigarette, Spaz changed out of her bikini and into a black bra and a skirt. Minutes before this, Spaz used a public bathroom, so she could’ve changed in there, but decided to give the people some much-needed culture instead.

Everything about this is perfect from Spaz’s freshly fucked hair to the rosary around her neck to the lit cigarette dangling from her hand to the birth control patch on her butt cheek to the way her ass looks like a weathered plaster sculpture from the 18th century. Spaz looks like she just crawled out of a trash can on the beach after spending the night in there. What I’m saying is that Spaz has never looked more gorgeous.

If you need to know what the nipples on a freshly bloomed bloated flower look like, hold your breath and then (NSFW) click here and here. Miami Beach can go ahead and cancel Art Basel, because no work of art can top this.


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