Alicia Keys Ruins The Gummi Bears Theme Song

November 22, 2012 / Posted by:

I really can’t stand any of Alicia Keys‘ songs, because they all sound like commercials to me. Examples: “Empire State of Mind” is a song for the New York State tourism board. “You Don’t Know My Name” is a song for Ginkgo Biloba and/or Alzheimer’s medications. “Superwoman” is a song for Kotex and/or Centrium Silver for Women. And “Girl On Fire” is a song for Gonorrhea awareness.

And now I’m really mad at Alicia, because she just had to ruin the magical and wondrous Gummi Bear theme song by screaming it out on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. It wasn’t not funny and it wasn’t not necessary. Just because Alicia ruined a trick’s marriage doesn’t mean she has to ruin everything else including a piece of my childhood. Alicia better stay away from the Muppet Babies theme song AND the Beverly Hills Teens theme song.

If you need something to clean your ears out, here you go:


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