Katy, Get Your Paw Away From That KKKock, It’s Too Early For That

October 17, 2012 / Posted by:

Seen here looking like a sad couple leaving the free clinic after learning some devastating news (the devastating news being that she’s knocked up, because even they know a MayKat baby is not what humanity needs EVER), Katy Perry and John Mayer left a restaurant in NYC last night. While Mitt Romney was quickly losing the highly important and coveted Trapper Keeper vote, Katy and John were out celebrating the 35th anniversary of the day David Duke’s used butt enema fertilized a pine cone tampon and made John Mayer.

For his very special day, John Mayer dressed up as a half-assed Canadian groomsman and used globs of pussy lube to style his hair like a douche bag cockatoo who thinks he’s the shit. Dude’s douche hair matches his smug face.

And all morning hate aside, that picture above is sort of sweet. I mean, obviously there’s a non-whitey standing in front of them, so Katy is covering the one eye on John Mayer’s white power peen, because it doesn’t want to see that. That’s real love.


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