Do You Know What Time It Is? It’s Time For Foofy Foofy To Go To Jail For Beating His Fiancee

October 17, 2012 / Posted by:

TMZ says that Flavor Flav was arrested in Las Vegas early this morning and it wasn’t for assaulting retinas by looking like a Sméagol crackhead. Flavor Flav was put into handcuffs for whooping on his fiancee before pulling a knife on her teenage son. Suddenly, Gitte Nielsen doesn’t feel bad about doing the Given Up On Life Waltz by rolling around in the grass with a bottle of Popov vodka in her hand.

When the cops showed up to Foofy Foofy’s house, his fiancee told them that they all got into a fight which ended with New York’s former fuck partner beating her ass and threatening to cut up her son with a knife. Foofy was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and felony assault with a deadly weapon. Foofy was held on $23,000 bail and he later bailed out, but was immediately transported to the local Hazmat facility where they flea dipped him in a quarantine tent.

You know, I don’t remember “get your ass beat” as being one of the prizes for winning Flavor of Love.

And now I need to pull out my eyeballs with pliers and soak them in some Lubriderm, because that dreadful ass mug shot has dried me out. It looks like he’s been rimming a pile of ashes. Bitch should be kept in jail for that alone.


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