Hasn’t The Situation Done Enough To Pussies?

October 11, 2012 / Posted by:

What in the Carrot Top meets a bottle of brown hair dye HELL is the meaning of this?

Just like The Situation’s roid acne, my retinas need an extra long scrubbing after staring at his new ad for Peta. Yes, that poor kitten is obviously traumatized from being pressed up against The Situation’s overcooked and HGH-filled veal cutlet, but it should be grateful. That’s not a terrifying vein on The Situation’s arm, that’s a worm that crawled out of that kitten’s ass. The Situation’s smug face scares worms out of pussies!

And all hate aside, this ad does deliver a very important message. You should definitely spay or neuter your Mike Sorrentino today.


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