Jennifer Aniston Makes Fun Of The Rumors For SmartWater

September 18, 2012 / Posted by:

In an Internet commercial for Smartwater, Jennifer Aniston does something no other celebrity has ever done before by making fun of herself and the rumors about her for a check. Jennifer strapped on Beyonce’s hand-me-down silicone baby cocoon to laugh at all the pregnancy rumors and she pulled off her Rachel wig to show us that in her natural state she looks like It’s Pat after a brow wax (or like a Puerto Rican lunch lady circa 1982, or like Prince on The View yesterday). Yeah, whatever, but where are the scenes of her staging the mock birth of her favorite Beanie Baby in the makeshift labor room in her basement or the scenes of her and Angie Jolie plotting the next chapter of the longest-running publicity stunt known as their feud? That’s because those aren’t rumors. They’re truths according totheMaddoxImadeupinmyheadbecauseimfuckingcrazy.


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