Chris Brown Got An Underboob Tattoo Right After RiRi Got An Underboob Tattoo

September 13, 2012 / Posted by:

“It’s not RiRi!” is what Fist Brown’s rep said when everyone figured he passed the pinnacle of psychopathness by getting a trophy tattoo of RiRi’s beaten face on his neck. Fist Brown said that his new neck tattoo isn’t of RiRi, it’s of a Day of the Dead skull. (So basically, it’s a tattooed warning to his future girlfriends letting them know what will happen to them if they try to check his cell phone while he’s driving.) Fist Brown got another ugly tattoo the other day and I’m sure this one also has nothing to do with RiRi even though he got it on the same place as her tribute to her Gran Gran tattoo. Coincidence!

Fist Brown got a tattoo of a fighter jet under his nipples, because in case we didn’t know from him punching faces off and throwing chairs through windows, he’s a fighter. But I think Fist Brown is trying to tell us something else with that tattoo, because that doesn’t look like a fighter jet to me. It looks like a flying peen head crashing directly into a swollen anus. It’s the most fitting tattoo he’s ever gotten.

via NYDN


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