What In The Pennywise Meets Ganguro Hell?

August 24, 2012 / Posted by:

Somebody please dig a shallow and comfortable grave in Diana Ross’ backyard, because she’s going to need a soft place to roll in as soon as she sees these pictures of delusional shit stain Kim Kardashian paying homage to her in a shoot she did with Hype Williams a while ago. Kim said on her Celebuzz blog that she’s channeling Diana Ross, but ho needs to stop, because: a) The only Ross this flop ass heffa can successfully channel is Rick Ross; and b) Bitch looks more like she’s channeling a trans clown Real Doll that was filled with Xtina’s queefs.

This deluded hag probably thinks she looks like a sleeping disco beauty, but this mess looks like fake crime scene photos straight out of an episode of CSI: Chernobyl. Those dead hooker poses go perfectly with her dead soul.

And about that make-up job…

Can we even call that a make-up job? It looks like somebody shoved a whole lot of lead-based brown paint, low-grade cocaine, Pepto-bismol and tarantulas up their ass, shook it all around and then farted in Kim’s face. How dreadful.

And you know you have failed at everything when Basement Baby does it better.


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