Breaking: Liberty Ross Went Outside Last Night

August 23, 2012 / Posted by:

I haven’t been keeping an Excel spreadsheet of every Liberty Ross sighting like I should have, but The Daily Mail says that she made her first red carpet appearance since her husband Rupert Sanders got caught having fully clothed butt sex with Kristen Stewart. Hollywood Life points out that Liberty isn’t wearing her wedding ring (because she melted it down and had it molded into a trampire-killing stake) and they also say that she’s really putting on a BRAVE FACE! Okay, what is the difference between a brave face and an “I’m just here for the photo-op and open bar” face, because I’m pretty sure she’s making the latter. Maybe Brave Face is the name of the color of the Bonne Bell foundation she’s wearing?

Liberty Ross really missed an opportunity to come out hard. Bitch should’ve worn a “Kristen Stewart is a Trampire” half shirt and crotchless white panties with “take me back” texts from Rupert printed on them. Liberty’s probably saving that outfit to wear to the next Twatlight premiere. But I’m sure a fashion psychologist will still tell Hollywood Life that Liberty wore green to secretly call Kristen Stewart a jealous whore, wore leggings to show KStew the crotch that Rupert really wants and wore ugly ass boots, because she just has bad taste in boots.

Here’s a few more pictures of Liberty at last night’s L.A. premiere of Lawless. I also threw in a few pictures of some panty creamers I hope she humped on against a Mini Cooper in the parking lot. In order: Nick Cave, King Tut Simmons with his hot son Nick and Felicia Jollygoodfellow.


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