Night Crumbs

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Michael Strahan will probably be Kelly Ripa’s permanent co-host on Live! and you can tell this is a good match, because he can fit her entire toothpick body in that gap of his – Just Jared

Add this to your James McAvoy Lifting Things Tumblr - Lainey Gossip

Well, I’ve always said that the best way to get your political point across is to sing it while your nipples are out, so this works for me – Towleroad

Blake Lively will not get her tits out in a movie, thankyouverymuch, so the only way you’ll ever see her tits is if you Google “Blake Lively’s tits” - Celebitchy

Carmen Electra wears a sad face and a weave bra for Lovecat MagazineHollywood Tuna 

January Jones’ new dude looks like a pre-plastic surgery Carrot Top and WHAT ARE THOSE JEANS?! – The Superficial 

Draco Malfoy’s Tennessee twin wants you to see her bra – Drunken Stepfather

What GOOPY Paltrow is trying to say is that the deeper the stick goes up your ass, the more radiant your skin looks! – ICYDK

Oh look, Kristen Stewart looks as miserable post-scandal as she did pre-scandal – Popsugar

In case you’re wondering, Lea Michele is still as annoying as a mosquito bite on your b-hole – The Berry 

Everyone involved in this needs to have a seat over there. The worst part is that I won’t ever be able to enjoy a delicious oversized lollipop without thinking about a Brawny man-looking creeper in a sleeveless tuxedo shirt making childtouching eyes at me – Videogum

Panty Creamer of the Century: Billy OceanCrunk + Disorderly

Mitt Romney loves Mom Jeans – Cityrag

Ricki Lake’s jacked up outfit would make sense to you if I told you that she’s on her way to the Mystery Machine van – I’m Not Obsessed

Kelly Brook conjured up new layers of elegance and sophistication with her butt crack gown – Moe Jackson 

Cher is going for husband #3 – Hollywood Rag

R.I.P. The Office - SOW



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