Guess What This Amanda Bynes Story Is About?

August 21, 2012 / Posted by:

When you see Amanda Bynes’ face in the top picture of a post, you know the story is about one of four things:

1. Bitch got in a car accident.
2. Bitch got in a car accident.
3. Bitch got in a car accident.
4. Bitch didn’t get in a car accident.

The answer should be #4, because the only time Amanda Bynes should be in the news is when she hasn’t punched a car with her car. But the answer is not #4, because Bumper Car Mandy has struck again! Only this time, it’s not really her fault…completely. TMZ says that around 8pm last night in the San Fernando Valley, another car bumper fucked Mandy’s car. The driver who rear-ended Amanda blames it all on her. The other driver says that Mandy caused the crash by busting out some “reckless maneuver” with her car.

The other driver is technically at fault, right? But given Amanda’s hiss tore ee, I believe the other driver.

At this point, I’m beginning to think that either Amanda is into the same fetish those dirty whores in Crash (the Cronenberg movie and not the one starring Tony Danza) were into or she’s trying to jump start her broken car bumper of a career by getting a spot on America’s Worst Driver. Or simply, she’s just a dumbass who can’t drive.


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