CaCa Goes Brown

August 21, 2012 / Posted by:

Here’s PETA’s sworn enemy Lady Gaga in Lithuania and Amsterdam with a brown mop on top of her head, and for once I don’t think any animals were butchered in the making of her latest look. (Cut to Lady CaCa scalping a brown pony in the name of ART!) CaCa went on her Twatter to tell all her Little Monsters that she didn’t dye her hair just any brown, she went Louis Vuitton brown.

Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. BITCH THATS LV

i think I’m gonna do away with this blond streak, feeling like a purist. gosh i forgot what it was like to have soft hair!

getting lots of tweets about how to get this hair color, its a bit of a process…and depends on if your lifting or darkening your color

“its a bit of a process.” Isn’t that called a difficult brown? CaCa needs to stop shitting on her head and calling it Louis Vuitton brown, because that is not Louis Vuitton brown. If CaCa wants to see Louis Vuitton brown, she needs to look in Blue Ivy Carter’s cashmere Chanel diapers, because that child of the 1% probably poops out LV monogrammed nuggets. Beyonce’s going to sell them for a limited time at the LV store in Tokyo.

And a brown-haired Lady Gaga sort of looks like Avril Lavigne morphing into Lana Del Rey. It’s Lana Del Lavigne!



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