Night Crumbs

August 6, 2012 / Posted by:

This one picture tells of Victoria Silvstedt’s sugar daddy tells us why she should get some respect for being the most dedicated gold digger in the game - The Superficial 

Finally, Prince Hot Ginge presses pause on going to the Olympics to get back to his full-time job: giving us bulge in polo pants – Lainey Gossip

FYI: Mika says he’s strictly dickly – Towleroad

Selena Gomez isn’t wearing a bra, but she is wearing my auntie’s favorite house cleaning dress – Hollywood Tuna 

What in 80s lot lizard hell is Ashley Tisdale wearing? – Drunken Stepfather

Why can’t we live in a world where these dogs are more famous than their owners? – The Berry 

Tripp Palin is fucked living with Bristol and is even more fucked living with Levi, so obviously a judge should award custody of him to a family of bears in the woods. He’ll have a better chance. – Celebitchy

When Ryan Lochte gets drunk, his derp face matches his derp brain. Good to know. – Just Jared

Lady CaCa’s tattoo is missing an F - OMG Blog

The X-Factor is really going after the Sasquatch demographic – ICYDK

The Total Recall remake flopped - Moe Jackson 

Going down – Cityrag

Three seconds after this picture was taken, JLo told her third kid, Casper Smart,Now stay where I can see you and that means you better not go wandering in the gay glory hole in the men’s bathroom.” - Popsugar

Call off the search, Mitt Romney’s campaign song has been found! – Videogum

Majela ZeZe Diamond and Miss Prada need to go on tour together - Crunk + Disorderly

Ben Stiller isn’t wearing a top. Do with this what you will – I’m Not Obsessed

Jessica Simpson lost 40 pounds. Do with this what you will. – Celebslam

Richard Simmons is in the worst KISS drag I’ve ever seen: Do you this what you will (read: FAP. You’re so going to fap to this.) - SOW

Simon Cowell loves the galaxy, because it’s the only place that can almost hold his entire ego – Hollywood Rag 

I’m actually surprised that Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t have her handle tattooed on her right chichi – Popoholic



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