Too Easy: Justin Bieber Sued For Ruining A Woman’s Sense Of Hearing

July 13, 2012 / Posted by:

Looking at that picture ruined my sense of hearing and that picture doesn’t even have any sound with it.

TMZ says that Justin Bieber has been hit with a completely logical, reasonable and not-at-all batshit crazy lawsuit by a woman in Oregon who claims that the high-pitched screeches from his fans caused her permanent ear damage. Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to a Bieber concert in 2010 and left with broken ear drums. During Justin’s concert, he flew above the crowd of crazed Beliebers on a metal heart-shaped gondola and Stacey says in her lawsuit that he “created a wave like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena. Then enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion.” Stacy went on to claim that the heart-shaped gondola acted as a “sound conductor creating a sound blast that permanently damaged both of my ears.”

The hell kind of Bill Nye explanation is that?

Getting stabbed in the ears with a tornado of tween screams gave her tinnitus and a constant pulsing sound in her ears makes it hard for her to sleep and work. Stacey wants $9.23 million in damages from Bieber, his record label, the concert promoter and the arena in Portland.

Here’s a taste of what fucked up Stacey’s ears and I’m tempted to put my own ears to my laptop speakers so I too can sue Bieber for millions of dollars:

What did Stacey expect from a Bieber concert? Those insane hyena girls train for months to scream the enamel off the backside of their teefs during a Bieber concert. Their screeches will make a deaf person hear again and go deaf again in seconds. When you go to a Bieber concert, your ears will take that as a “fuck you” to them and turn on you. This is a rule of life.

On a positive note, at least Stacey can’t totally hear Justin’s music anymore. On a not-so-positive note, if Stacey’s daughter is a hardcore Belieber, she probably tweeted this message to her mom: DIAF!!! @mom.


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