Would You Hit It?

July 12, 2012 / Posted by:

To answer the question in your head (the question being, “How can I say I’ll hit it, if I don’t even know what it’s name is?“), like that has stopped you before, slut. But no, this is Dominic Cooper who was in Mamma Mia!, that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter mess and My Week with Marilyn. Dominic also licked on the minge on Amanda Seyfried’s foot for a little while. Here’s Dominic and his girlfriend Ruth Negga hanging out at a pool in Italy today. And yes, I’d hit it. But I have a more important question…

Dominic sort of looks like a human French Bulldog to me. So let’s say a witch turned a French Bulldog into Dominic Cooper right in front of me. Would it be wrong of me to hit it if I knew he was a French Bulldog just two seconds beforehand? Because if it is wrong, then no, I wouldn’t… Oh, who am I fooling, I’d do it either way. I mean, if those shapeshifter-fuckers on True Blood do it….



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