What In Endora Going To A Funeral Hell?

July 7, 2012 / Posted by:

Angie Jolie must’ve been in a for real hurry to get to the Sarajevo from the Maleficent set in England, because ho didn’t even change out of her costume. Angie is in Sarajevo with some of the child army to attend its film festival, but she looks more like she’s there to drop a double, double toil and trouble spell on the city. Angie is a black pointy hat and a broomstick away from looking like Mrs. Roper going to a seance. Maybe she wore that black tarp of a dress so she can hide some orphans up in there and smuggle them out of the country easily?

The rest of my thoughts about Angie’s look are best expressed through Shiloh’s “Why did she have to wear the mournin’ muumuu and Easy Spirit wedges again?” face.


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