Why Did Madge Weep During “Like A Virgin” Last Week?

July 5, 2012 / Posted by:

The audience at Madge’s show in Berlin last Thursday didn’t get a few eyefuls of Baby Brahim’s pacifier of choice or her fishnet-covered ass cheeks, but they did witness her breaking down into a raw emotional moment while warbling out a Marlene Dietrich-ized version of “Like A Virgin” (at the 3:10 mark).

So why did Madge get all weepy-like? Maybe she was just proving once again that she’s the STUNT QUEEN of all STUNT QUEENS by performing a manufactured moment to get some easy and free publicity (it worked)? Or a not-knowing bitch in the front row wore hydrangea perfume? Or she pulled her hip again and that shirtless dancer is late in picking her ass up off the floor? Or it’s just menopause being a bitch. That’s probably it. Somebody get Madge some Estroven!

via New York Post 



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