Open Post: Hosted By The Regal Ladies Of Ascot

June 20, 2012 / Posted by:

It’s Royal Ascot Times and it wouldn’t be Royal Ascot times without several servings of camel toe, medicine ball titties, back cleavage, blueberry-glazed muffin tops and weave that belong on a horses ass. While most ladies at Ascot try to reach the plateau of elegance with a huge ass hat, these six blue orchids outdid them all with catsuits from the costume closet of a Star Trek porn parody. These shimmering sapphires straight off of The Queen’s crown were at Ascot to hand out fliers for their strip club and they did it all in the presence of her Royal Majesty.

At one point, The Queen came down from her private box and paid homage to the beauties who should be getting more international attention than that bland trick Duchess Kate. One royal historian noted that for one of the first times in history, The Queen actually curtsied in front of another (or six anothers, in this case). Even The Queen knows that regalness like this deserves the utmost respect! Bow down before the Royal Court of Asscock!



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