And Here’s OctoMom’s O Face

June 14, 2012 / Posted by:

And OctoMom’s manufactured O face is the exact open-mouthed, wonk-eyed face I made while looking at most of these pictures. My eyeballs really tried to escape by rolling to the back when I landed on this picture of Octo dressed like a forgotten Rock of Love Bus trick who buys all of her clothes at gas stations and rest stop gift shops. I mean, how did that vest happen?

OctoMom’s fap born debut titled “Octomom: Home Alone” is coming out (apologies for the things that pun did to your stomach) next week and Wicked got the party started by giving these censored pictures to TMZ. Usually, I’m cursing at a black bar for being a fun hater by blocking the goods, but I’m okay with them this time. We’re cool. They’re doing good work by keeping your coffee down.

Unless a video of Charlie Sheen masturbating with a rubber octopus toy while looking at these pictures makes the rounds, this is the most disturbing thing I’ll see all day. There’s nothing more depressing than watching a broke, destitute ho tap at her chocha (while surrounded by fucking baby clothes) to feed all 14 of her kids. And you’re not supposed to wash onesies on a board with your coochie out. I think I learned that rule on Pregnant in Heels or something.


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