This Is Supposed To Be Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor

June 4, 2012 / Posted by:

Does Drag U have a scholarship program? Because if so, this bitch needs to enter it.

If you took one of Elizabeth Taylor’s old headshots, soaked it in dirty meth pipe water, charred its edges on a hobo’s trash can fire, tore it into a dozen pieces and then pasted those pieces back together using homemade silly putty and black tar heroin, the image looking back at you would look more like Elizabeth Taylor than this picture of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor does. TMZ magically got their hands on (aka White Oprah gave it to them for half of a Vicodin pill) this picture of LiLo in full basic cable La Liz drag and it’s giving me hope. Hope that this is going to be one of the biggest unnatural disasters in American history.

I don’t see Elizabeth Taylor at all, but I do see shades of Joan Crawford. But maybe that’s because looking at this picture is giving me the sudden urge to beat Lifetime with a wire hanger for casting this mess.


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