Performance (F)Art: Courtney Stodden As A Cat

May 18, 2012 / Posted by:

Only press play if you’re okay with using X amount of seconds of your day and okay with straining several muscles in your face from mouthing the words “what in every God’s name am I watching…” on a loop. The porn iguana Courtney Stodden should be sitting in a chair in school, but instead she’s using her time to make performance art pieces like this one of her as a cat. Courtney isn’t trying to put on a total sexy pussycat act on either. Bitch is acting like an actual cat! This is some high school drama club exercise shit! Courtney coughs up a weave ball, eats cat food out of a bag and kicks litter around with her lucite heels. It’s a Sarah McLachlan song away from being the most terrifying SPCA PSA ever. Please spay, neuter (and don’t drug up) your pets!

via ONTD


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