Ke$hit Looks…..Better?

May 16, 2012 / Posted by:

Maybe it’s because I’m so used to seeing Ke$hit look like Marjory the Trash Heap shat her up after downing gallons of used stripper glitter and butt sweat, but am I wrong (“Yes, you are.” – you) for saying that she doesn’t look completely awful as usual? Yeah, Ke$hit looks like John Travolta’s face twin in a homeless shelter theater production of Some Like It Hot, but it’s still an upgrade. It’s amazing what four sand blast sessions, ten hours in a fumigation tent, a grooming by certified HAZMAT removal experts and a team of brave stylists who specialize in skankorcisms can do for a bitch!

Here’s more of Ke$hit at something called the BMI Awards (Body Mass Index Awards? Busted Manfaced Idiot Awards? Bowel Movement Instigator Awards?) at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last night. I also threw in some pictures of Drunk Ass Sandra Lee and Diana DeGarmo. I don’t know what’s worse? Diana’s ihopethoseareclipon-bangs or the coagulated jizz balls on her bordello wallpaper of a dress?


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