WARNING: Extreme Natural Romance And Elegance Ahead

May 10, 2012 / Posted by:

Not since the Empress of Lucite’s sex tape have I felt the soft sensation of angels blowing lucite dust into my eyes…..

Shauna Sand, the most beautiful woman in every universe and beyond, climbed to the upper echelon of demureness in St. Barts a few days ago by making sweet, passionate, natural, Skinemax-like love with her piece in front of the paps. That amateur trick Courtney Stodden better not get any ideas and she better slide under the rock from which she came from while our modern day Aphrodite takes the staged photo-op to the next level. Egotastic has the whole set and you might want to hold onto something steady and grab your smelling salts before you step in. There aren’t any exquisite lucite heels, but there is a pair of b-hole hugging jorts. Click your way to romance.

 Dear Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster, this is what your scene in From Here to Eternity should’ve looked like.

(Picture via FameFlynet)


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