This Is The Look: Marky Mark On The Set Of Pain And Gain

April 30, 2012 / Posted by:

The costume designer(s) of Pain and Gain should get their Oscar speech ready, because they have clenched the win by throwing this hot look onto the body of one-man terrorist killing machine Marky Mark. As Marky pumped up his brain with heavy beats (SPOILER ALERT: He was listening to this), he flashed one third of his nipple triplets and braced himself for the tidal wave of panty pudding that eventually hit him after hos got a good look of him dressed up like John Travolta’s private chef. Those aren’t rainboots. They’re pantycreamboots!

And I only have one tiny issue with this look. According to my Scientology spell checker, they spelled “cock” wrong. They should fix that in post-production.


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