Ke$hit Continues To Document Her Acts Of Severe Classiness

April 26, 2012 / Posted by:

What ho hasn’t drunkenly pissed in the dirt on the side of the highway as flat bed trucks go driving by and who hasn’t squatted over a bar bathroom sink when the line for the regular toilet is too long? Every ho has! But of course, Garbage Pail Skank Ke$hit thinks she’s the first trick to do it and bragged about it to her Twatter followers (via UsWeekly) by sharing this picture with them. I know, she’s SO hardcore. I’d be more surprised if Ke$ha Tweeted a picture of herself using actual unused toilet paper to wipe. Ke$ha also added this note to the picture, which confirms that when she’s not making musical herpes, she’s writing spam e-mails:

pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffik.

PoPo? More like the health department. Think of all dogs who now have VD warts on their noses from sniffing on Ke$ha’s piss puddle (Yes, her coochie warts are so potent they can infect airborne). No, but seriously, if Ke$ha wasn’t a dumb a$$, she wouldn’t have given this picture out for free. Kim Kardashian made millions of dollars thanks to piss and Ke$ha ain’t got shit to show for it except pee stains in her chonies. Either keep it to yourself or #getmoneybitch.

And where was the Deputy Sheriff of PAPP (Pepaws Against Public Pissing) when we needed him most?


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