Shirley MacLaine Tells Us The One Good Thing About The Passing Of Dick Clark

April 23, 2012 / Posted by:

The world is definitely a different place without Dick Clark in it, because there’s no such thing as New Year’s Eve anymore and all balls have lost the will to drop (my thoughts and prayers are with those who are stuck in puberty forever….Justin Bieber). But for Shirley MacLaine the world really is a different place without Dick Clark in it, because she no longer has to worry about his dogs getting bitchy with her dogs when she walks by his house in Malibu. At the premiere of her new movie Bernie, Reuters asked Shirley if had any thoughts on Dick Clark’s death and she didn’t even try to pretend like she’s broken in the heart about it.

“Well now I can walk past his house in Malibu and his dogs won’t attack mine. That’s one good thing.”

HAHAHAHA. I love this act of memaw bitchery for two reasons: 1) Shirley is and will always be Ouiser. You can’t take the Ouiser out of the Shirley! 2) Did Dick Clark take his dogs to the grave with him? Dick’s dogs are still and well, right? I hope so and I really hope Reuters is there when Shirley walks by his house in Malibu and nearly chokes on her cuntified words when his dogs run out to mouth shank her dogs.

via The Globe and Mail & USA Today (Thanks, Daniel)


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