Nigel Barker Is Handling Unemployment Really Well

April 20, 2012 / Posted by:

When I first scanned across these pictures with my eyes, I braced myself for non-stop puckering by clenching my cheeks, because I really thought this was noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker telling Tyra to kiss his ass and all these man asses as he posed in a photo call for his new job as host of America’s Next Top Nalgas. That was wishful fapping, because this is really British swan and choreographer Louie Spence at the opening of the Girls’ Day Out Show in Glasgow, Scotland today. This is what you see when you put a rainbow under a microscope. This is also what it looks like when it’s buffet night at the Scientology men’s lounge. Grab the flavored butt lube and enlarge each pic at your own risk.


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