A Check Is A Check: Lisa Rinna Is Doing Depend Commercials Now

April 7, 2012 / Posted by:

Because all of us want to look as sexy and svelte as possible even as we piss ourselves, Depend has come out with a line of ultra slim piss pads that won’t give you diaper lines, and they’ve hired 48-year-old Lisa Rinna of all hos to push that shit in a new commercial. I know Lisa’s career is in the shit can and her lips could win first place in a throbbing hemorrhoid look-alike contest, but besides that what does she have to do with bowel movements? I guess Depend is saving Fergie for their new collection of diaper g-strings, Hugh Jackman for their line of diaper speedos and Gérard Depardieu for their line of control-top french cut piss catchers. Whatever. Lisa’s collagen worm lips aren’t going to plump themselves, so I say, piss yourself to a check, Lisa Renal!

via HuffPo


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