Two Of These Ghouls Might Be Doing It

March 23, 2012 / Posted by:

And I wish I was about to tell you that Barry Manilow’s got Marilyn Manson’s zombie cream smeared all over his lips, but no. Before Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey, made everyone ask themselves “But where’s the fourth horseman?” by posing for this picture with Barry Manilow at the Echo Awards in Germany yesterday, the two got close at a charity event in Berlin. An ONTDer posted the pictures and proclaimed, “NEW COUPLE ALERT!” Marilyn and Lana Del Taco apparently left the event together and snuck into the same hotel. Marilyn sure does have a type and that type is any trick who is stoned enough to lick on his wrinkled powdered donut hole without vomming up her dignity.

Whores throw a lot of shit bombs at Lana Delrrhea, but I don’t hate her and that’s probably because she’s like Chicken Cutlets if Chicken Cutlets sedated herself down to play Jennifer North in a public access remake of Valley of the Dolls. But the only thing creepier than Blahna Del Nay humping on Marilyn Manson (who is transforming into an extra bloated Nicolas Cage as Skrillex) in a hotel room is if Barry Manilow was in the corner finger banging his innie while humming the melody to “Please Don’t Be Scared.”


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