Afternoon Crumbs

March 9, 2012 / Posted by:

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Thanks to a long ass flight from New York to California, this will probably be my last post until tomorrow. Because my system shuts down if I don’t get a Sourdough Jack, a Double Double and Albertson’s brand potato chips in me every few months, I’ll be in California for the next two weeks. For now, I leave your ass with this vintage video of Jamie Foxx giving us the body electric as he breaks it down like his ass crack is hungry for a dollar. I’ll try to recreate these moves at a Jack in the Box drive-thru later tonight. (via OMG BLOG)

Mimi’s messy ass lamb appreciation video looks like a lost scene from Paranormal Activity (Paranormal Lambtivity?) – Lainey Gossip

Nothing says “bad ass bitch with a gun” like duck lips – The Superficial

I don’t know if that’s St. Angie’s natural holy glow or if one of her beauty secrets is using anal lube as moisturizer – Hollywood Tuna

John Lennon is up in heaven, queefing with pride over this – (site NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Is that an 8-pack or is he trying to smuggle 8 bars of coke past the border? (LiLo, take note) – Towleroad

Dennis Quaid’s third time at marriage was not a fucking charm – Celebitchy

In a closet somewhere, a green velvet Jessica McClintock 80s prom dress is missing its sleeves – Popoholic

Gonorrhea of the throat ain’t no joke – ICYDK

And Joe Pesci will try to rob it this Christmas – The Berry

Jessica Biel’s got a bump on her hitchin’ finger and maybe a bump on her baby growing area too? – Popsugar

Blue Ivy is probably literally turning blue, because Beyonce keeps suffocating her with damn blankets and shit – Crunk + Disorderly

Everybody give a gold digger slow clap to Dick Van Dyke’s 40-year-old wife – Just Jared

A reporter walking into a pole. The end. – Videogum

What in Carmen Sandiego meets Disney parade dancer Hell is Naomi Campbell wearing? – I’m Not Obsessed

Who isn’t Katy Perry humping on in Paris this week? – Hollywood Rag

Because every pet has a little Lindsay Lohan in them – Cityrag

I don’t know if this kid should play Michael Cera in a Michael Cera biopic or if Michael Cera should play this kid in a this kid biopic – The Daily What



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