Open Post: Hosted By The Morphing Of Brit Brit’s Face

March 6, 2012 / Posted by:

For some strange reason, someone pulled a “Roseanne opening credits” on Brit Brit and made a video of her morphing from baby to crazy to now. It’s sort of like watching a Cheetos melt under a McDonald’s heat lamps, backwards. Watching it all crash into a pink wig of insanity after KFed and Wonky is creepy, borderline horrifying and I had to look over my shoulder a few times to make sure a green umbrella wasn’t coming at me. What I’m saying is that whoever did this, should do this to Lindsay Lohan…. and Mickey Rourke… and Jocelyn Wildenstein… and Jodie Marsh... and you… and you…. and EVERYBODY ELSE. Well, everybody except me, because if you morphed my face from baby to now it would probably look a lot like a worm flaring his anus in slow motion.

via Buzzfeed



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