The Audacity Of Some Paps!

March 6, 2012 / Posted by:

Some paps obviously need more education in the subject of superstar beauty, because a bunch of them mistook the naturally beautiful international star Debbie Harry for a freckled bag of hardened silicone in a gutter ass wig.

Debbie Harry and Lindsay Lohan are both staying at The Mercer Hotel in NYC, and the paps started screaming the latter’s name when the former came sashaying out. This is Debbie Fucking Harry! Show some respect! Does Debbie Harry’s lips look like two shellacked uncooked sausage links? No. Does Debbie Harry have two plastic testicle cheeks sandwiching her nose? No. Does Debbie Harry smell like burnt Silly Putty, Red Bull, wet cigarettes and a bull’s colostomy bag? Not that I know of, but still. If paps weren’t sure, they should’ve thrown a Ziploc bag full of sea jasper rocks into the street and if she ran after it, then it’s LiLo. Mistaking Debbie Harry for Lindsay Lohan is like mistaking a spring daisy for a dusty plastic flower lying on a dirty linoleum tile in the clearance section of a Big Lots. It’s truly a sad day when entertainment professionals make mistakes like this.

If I see a clip of the paps screaming Lindsay Lohan’s name as Edgar Winter walks out of a hotel, I’m totally going to find a way to get all those not knowing bitches a full scholarship ride to Education Connection.


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