Finally, Some Actual Beauty Around Here

March 1, 2012 / Posted by:

After putting two fug drops in your eyes in the form of Lil Kim’s sawdust brows and Lindsay Lohan’s shellacked face nalgas, here’s a palate cleanser. Don’t you just want to kiss him on his nose…and his other nose…and his other nose. How many noses does this bitch have? (Kate Moss so wants to be that bat.)

Boing Boing says that this is a new species of the leaf-nosed bat found by scientists in one of Vietnam’s national parks. Experts say that the bat’s kaleidoscope of noses helps him to echolate. I don’t know what that means! I do know that what I love most about his nose is that when I stare at it I see labia, a circumcised peen, a tip of a clit and a couple of nipples. He’s got a Jamie Lee Curtis party on his face!

You know, Mickey Rourke and Jocelyn Wildenstein have spent tens of thousands of dollars to look like this and this bat has it naturally. Excuse his beauty, indeed.



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