Afternoon Crumbs

February 28, 2012 / Posted by:

Julia Roberts is in Vanity Fair and the only thing I’m thinking that she took a picture of her calico cat to her colorist and told him to give her that – Lainey Gossip

How come when Freida Pinto pulls her tank top down like that, millions of men cream their eyeballs, but when I do it my dog finds a way to bark out the word “STOP!” in English - Hollywood Tuna

Lindsay Lohan told the SNL writers that she’s down for anything and nothing is off the table, so I’m hoping that means we’ll get a skit where White Oprah is shot into the universe out of a canon – The Superficial

Like a 90s Amy Winehouse is the vibe Katy Perry’s giving me on Interview Magazine - Celebitchy

Excuse me as I shed a tear for the loss of all that delicious German beer, and yes, that waiter is in danger, girl – Towleroad

Just a peek of Salma Hayek’s world-saving chichis – Popoholic

RiRi shows us through her outfit that she sucks at choice-making – ICYDK

Here I was thinking that Dolly Parton smelled like butterfly wings, hummingbird juice, wig glue and sunshine – OMG Blog

Oh look, it’s Ke$ha’s face twin – (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

They should’ve cast Trace Cyrus as the Young SJP and called it The Carrot DiariesThe Berry

Chupa Zoe’s nanny is more of a fashion icon than she is – Popsugar

I co-sign the “Is this bitch serious with that beard?” face Tom Hardy’s dog is throwing – Just Jared

That paradise wallpaper in Solange’s basement looks so lifelike – Crunk + Disorderly

I am only okay with this if ASkars is cast as the German girl – Videogum

Last night a window saved my life – The Daily What

Sean Young might not have been drunk on booze but she was definitely drunk on the crazy – I’m Not Obsessed

This needs more Statham spit – Hollywood Rag

Smack my bitch up, indeed – Cityrag



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