LiLo Hits The Ho Stroll After Court

February 23, 2012 / Posted by:

Lindsay Lohan celebrated getting an air kiss from Judge Stephanie in court yesterday by doing what she does best: partying her nostrils off. (Don’t worry, she keeps a glue stick in her purse so she can easily slap them back on her face.) While looking like a Playboy Playmate of 1976 turned Real Housewife of The Staten Island Expressway, LiLo strut her baboon labia lips into a pre-Oscar party as White Oprah stumbled in behind her.

LiLo is supposed to scoot a skid mark across Elizabeth Taylor’s image by playing her in that Lifetime shit, but you wouldn’t know it by that hair. That hair color (in shade: meth-stained teeth) tells me that she shouldn’t be playing Elizabeth Taylor. Bitch should be playing current day Joyce McKinney! Just throw a cloned puppy at LiLo and yell, “ACTION!”

And I don’t know if White Oprah did antifreeze shots in the car or if her face is so used to being drunk that it just naturally looks like that even when she’s sober. HA at me thinking she’s ever sober.


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