Happy “Somebody PLEASE Pay Attention To Me” Day, Jennifer Love Hewitt!

February 22, 2012 / Posted by:

Because Jennifer Love Hewitt is a shy, private and demure person, she celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday at the long-running headquarters for fame eaters that is The Ivy. THE IVY: Where THIRSTAY hos can quench their thirst on $30 lemonade and camera flashes.

JLove, who is seriously the prototype for every desperate sadling on The Bachelor, screamed for the paparazzi to scratch her attention spot by flashing all kinds of signs that read shit like “Happy Birthday 2 Me,” “Watch The Client List In April,” and “Bye Pappos.” You know, I shade JLove often for taking desperate to whole new desperate levels, but these pictures are kind of refreshing. Because usually if JLove’s holding a sign, it reads: I NEED A MAN!!!!!!!!

It feels unnatural posting pictures of The Ivy without The Ivy’s forever Poison Ivy Queen in them, so I was moved to do this:

And now I can exhale.


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