Too Easy: Khloe & Lamar Break A Sex Swing

February 20, 2012 / Posted by:

On last night’s Khloe & Lamar, Khloe Kong tried to spice up their sex life (aka spice up her boring shit show) by turning her brother’s old room into a Sasquatch mating cave complete with a sex swing hanging over the bed. Khloe lured her husband Lamar Odom onto the swing by secreting musky aphrodisiacal fumes (smells like boiled boar meat, tears from a human man, cow piss and wet tree bark) from her gulch. Anybody who has ever seen a Yeti and a Wookie bump fuck parts on a hammock knows what happened next. The chains broke, the ceiling caved in and the sheer force created a suction tunnel that pulled down pieces of the sky. There’s a hole in heaven now, because Khloe & Lamar tried to hump on a swing!

Khloe learned the hard way that the next time she wants to screw Lamar in a swing, she should hire those people who pulled that injured elephant onto a truck. Also, there’s some motorboating action between Khloe & Lamar at the end of this mess, so you might want to hold onto your eyeballs so they don’t heave right out of their sockets.

via Buzzfeed


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