Would You Hit It?

February 17, 2012 / Posted by:

No, this is not a picture of your neighborhood weed man who got arrested for jacking it in the romance section of a video store and who still wears the trench coat he wore during his goth days in high school. This is the dude whose face was all over the poster I ripped out of BOP Magazine and stole from a Stater Bros. grocery store when I was like 13. Yes, I was a teenage thief. I should turn myself in for that crime.

It’s 46-year-old Richard Grieco at the Wanderlust premiere in Westwood last night. Yes, Russell Brand is about to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against Richard for stealing his grooming habits, but do you remember what Booker looked like not too long ago? Richard looked like the Grinch if the the Grinch stole a crackhouse.

So even though I can smell his patchouli-scented sweat from here and he’s wearing the same jeans he wore in 21 Jump Street, I’d hit it until it was the 80s (2080s that is) again. I owe it to my 13-year-old thieving self.



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