Stupid Ho Calls Stupid Ho A Stupid Ho

February 16, 2012 / Posted by:

On Watch What Happens Live last night, the Beast Vincent of hip hop, Lil’ Kim, let the piping hot hate she feels for Fire Marshall Minaj (copyright: ONTD) melt her frozen face so she could move her mouth to say that only a stupid ho would write a song called “Stupid Hoe.” The bitch battle royale between Kim and that dark-sided Linda Blair wannabe Nicki Minaj is alive and well. It’s never going to end until they finally go at it and all that’s left afterward is a patch of Barbie hair and a puddle of silicone.

I know I called Kim a “stupid ho” in my headline, but I’ve always liked her ass. Kim’s face reminds me of La Toya Jackson’s fourth generation face (I think Toy Toy’s on her fifth by now) and she gave me my life motto: “You ain’t lickin’ this, you ain’t stickin’ this.” That said, I can’t with her ass and I can’t with Nick Minaj. When it comes to female rappers, the only teams I’m on are Team KHIA and Team Oaktown 357!

Here’s Nicki’s arch rival at The Blondes show in NYC yesterday looking like Mufasa in Swan Lake.


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