Beware Of Purity Bear

February 15, 2012 / Posted by:

Have you seen this bitch Purity Bear before? Purity Bear is this total cock-blocking teddy bear who shows up in the heads of young people right when they’re about to freak their way to sin. This bitch will ruin your fuck times faster than a case of the runs. Well, Purity Bear is back and this time she’s getting into the head of a girl whose date wants to stain the backseat of his minivan if you know what he means. Purity Bear tells the girl that her chocha is basically pizza and she’s the box, or something.

You know, that girl is a dumb bitch for listening to Purity Bear. There’s something not right about that bear. That bear obviously has ulterior motives. Purity Bear wasn’t trying to save that girl from making a mistake she’ll later regret. Purity Bear was trying to get the peen for her own whore self. I bet that three seconds after virgin blondie went inside, Purity Bear sucked her man’s dick so hard that his cardigan blew off his body. Purity Bear is more like Slut Bear!

And 3/3 of us know that Purity Bear is a shady whore.

via Christian Nightmares


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