QOTD: Justin Theroux On His Relationship With Jennifer Aniston

February 13, 2012 / Posted by:

The grown up Eddie Munster, Justin Theroux, had an interview with New York Magazine and after a swarm of cotton-killing moths tried to eat his whole shirt, he was asked about his new shit show Wanderlust (WHO CARES!!!), his work as a screenwriter (WHO CARES: THE SEQUEL!!!) and his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Because everything you need to know about TheAnis is on display during the photo-ops her publicist sets up, Justin ate his tongue and refused to say shit:

Theroux knows only too well that his relationship with Aniston is not just making him more famous but is also a selling point for Wanderlust. “I understand the curiosity, but other than saying I am happy, I am not going to indulge it,” he says. “That’s building your own torture device.”

You know what a torture device is, Michael? You putting this WHO CARES trash in my eyes?” is definitely the thought that has climbed up to the think bubble above your head. But I only did it for the lightning veins and peek-a-pubes Justin is flashing in that picture above. But you know, it’s a little surprising that Justin still has a full crotch bush. By now, you’d think that Jennifer would’ve shaved all his pubes off while he was napping and crocheted them into a thong that she wears every minute of the day so he’ll always be close to her. Yeah, I bet she’s already done that. Dude is totally wearing a merkin.


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