The Definition Of Understated Elegance As Always

February 12, 2012 / Posted by:

Late last week, esteemed art professors from the world’s most prestigious universities updated their curriculum to include the only piece of “woman & child” art worth teaching: the precious portrait of a fully naked Auntie CoCo nearly suffocating her nephew with her luscious silicone chichis o’ plenty. And the star of that masterpiece graced Las Vegas with her exquisiteness at Pure in Las Vegas. Wearing a one-of-a-kind ho dress from Frederick’s of Hollywood’s couture collection, CoCo stood upright on the carpet despite the fact that the extra glazed honey-baked hams on her chest tried to take her down while the extra glazed honey-baked hams on her ass tried to take her the other way. CoCo doesn’t defy the laws of gravity, CoCo IS gravity.

CoCo redefines glamour with every glide of her sausage thighs and anybody that disagrees will be attacked in their sleep by a camel toe, but I do wish she took her look to new levels of class by wearing the butt cleavage dress. Maybe she saved that to wear to Sunday mass this morning. Probably.


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