Hot Sluts Of The Day!

January 14, 2012 / Posted by:

The Sagal Twins! With their Brenda Walsh haircuts (more like Brenda Walsh had a Sagal Twins haircut) and their touch of Winnie Cooper faces (more like Winnie Cooper had a touch of Sagal Twins face), Jean and Liz Sagal took the early 80s BY STORM by a light trickle that quickly dried up in the sidewalk cracks with their limited-edition sitcom Double Trouble. Double Trouble was about twins who were nothing like, a plot that was never done before and hasn’t been done since! It was obviously TOO revolutionary for 1984, because it only lasted on NBC for 2 seasons before its re-runs were banished to basic cable where I used to watch it on our illegal descrambler box. How it didn’t run for the rest of eternity is a question that even the universe can’t answer. I mean, the glitter hairspray on half-rolled bangs should’ve earned it AT LEAST a ten season pickup:

The Sagal Twins were also in the underground art house masterpiece Grease 2 and their older sister is Katey Sagal. I think it’s about time for The Sagal Twins to give an encore of the performance above at a Sons of Anarchy club meeting.



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