When The Look From A Dude In A Red Polo Shirt Says It All

January 9, 2012 / Posted by:

Willow “Coloring Outside of the Lines” Smith, Jaden Smith and their gang of Latch Key Kids left the Louis Vuitton store in L.A. the other night and I have two very good reasons for being mad at her. The first being that the gay poodle’s ass on her head has given me a craving for cinnamon candy popcorn and that’s not okay since my shit is on a diet after swallowing all the good things Italy has to offer for a week. The second being that I wish that when I was 3 (or however old she is) I could walk around looking like the acid-tipped Bride of Minajestein without the fear of an abuelita slapping the WTF off of my head with a chancleta.


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