Open Post: Hosted By Floor Flashing

January 3, 2012 / Posted by:

Do you ever get this spam e-mail that says shit like “Why sit at home alone? Come meet the girl of your dreams! Message me now!” and then they attach a picture of some random chick trying hard to pose sexy but she really looks like she’s trying to hold in a wet fart? Well, Courtney Stodden has a career ahead of her in that kind of modeling. That’s if this whole “floor flashing” trend she’s trying to start doesn’t take off and she becomes the beacon of the most important movement ever. But seriously, Courtney is not only the most graceful and demure lizard in the reptile tank, but she’s also the most innocent. Most of us have been doing this “floor flashing” thing for YEARS, but we call it “Saturday morning.”

Source: The Reptile House of Courtney Stodden’s Twitter via The Frisky



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