Wookie Kardashian Is Kinda…Hot?!?

December 26, 2011 / Posted by:

While MK is busy scarfing down some fine Italian cuisine (your mind WOULD go there, sucio!), J. Harvey and I will be here doing our best to keep the beautiful Dlisted train from going off the rails.  Graffiti totally counts as fine art, so don’t even go there.  MK sent me a link from Socialite Life to this pic Khloe Kardashian posted on her website, looking pretty and skinny and BLOND several Christmases ago.  (Note:  my computer choked on the words “Khloe” and “pretty” in the same sentence and I had to re-start the bitch three times.)  This was apparently before the whole “dye my hair to look like my sisters so no one will know my mom was a complete ho and fucked around on the guy I thought was my dad” phase.

I have to say, she looks good as a blond…computer, NO!!  Choke it down, bitch.  She’s actually the only one of those hos that I have any respect for (hang in there hard drive) since she doesn’t take herself too seriously and seems kind of human.  Enjoy tearing this pic of Khloe to shredded shreds while I resuscitate my pc with booze and bong hits.


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