Open Post: Hosted By Shit Black Girls Say

December 18, 2011 / Posted by:

First came Shit Girls Say, then came Shit Gay Guys Say and now whether you like it or not here’s Shit Black Girls Say as performed by Rick James Bitch Billy Sorrells as Peaches. This shit is eerily like a weekend with my cousins. This would be exactly like a page out of Shit Michael K’s Cousins Say if it smelled like Strawberry Suave Shampoo and Peaches also blurted out the following lines:

“What do you mean you don’t have Mountain Dew?”

“Put more volume! I can’t hear!”


“Pick me up some Pampers.”

“How many minutes you got left on your phone?”

“Go smoke that shit over there, I’ve got AquaNet in my hair.”

“Pinche! The blow dryer just blew out a circuit again!”

“Pause the movie, I gotta go cash my check at Walmart.”

“The guy at Walmart said I look like Salma Hayek.”

“Dame la Vaseline.”

Oh, and this list would not be complete without my cousins’ response for everything: “Ewww, you swear, bitch!

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